Arthramid® Vet

Project Details

Arthramid® Vet is an unique & patented 2.5% PAAG hydrogel offering an innovative, safe solution for Veterinarians and their Clients in the management and treatment of Osteoarthritis (OA).

Arthramid® Vet is now registered in New Zealand pursuant to the ACVM Act. Registration number A011596.

Unique 2.5 % PAAG Hydrogel

• 2.5% patented cross-linked polyacrylamide hydrogel (1mL)

• Permeable, homogeneous with visco-elastic properties

• Sterile, neutral, biocompatible with no chemical/biological action

Team support specialists

• A team of dedicated product specialists & Veterinarians

• A large number of relevant research and clinical publications

• Feedback from an international experienced network

World Safety Standards

• Danish manufacturer Contura International A/S exceeds world-class safety standards

Human & Vet quality production with a 15-year track record

• ISO 9001, ISO 13485 Canadian ISO 13485 CMDCAS


• An experienced team of veterinary specialists is handling the global, on-going regulatory process

Arthramid Vet is a unique and patented 2.5% PAAG hydrogel offering an innovative, safe, long-lasting and effective solution for Veterinarians in the treatment and management of joint lameness and Osteoarthritis (OA). Arthramid Vet is available as a registered veterinary medicine.